I wish I had the energy to write another book.  I honestly don't know what I'd write about though.  It's no longer a need for me to write about my heartache and sorrow, and I can also say I am not in place to write about joy and excitement...I just am.  It's funny to think that I'm a published author.  Don't people know most published authors, aren't they recognizable when they walk down the street? No, no their not...not unless you're james patterson or stephen king. I'm just V.



I. am. happy


Quest for Perfect Love Songs...Part I

Wild Horses - The Sundays
...best version ever

To Linger - The Cranberries
...modern classic

Old Boyfriends...

My ex sent me a message today, asking about "getting together again", and of course I'm considering it, since I've spent the last 6 months in agony since we've been apart.  But I am really thinking about it, hard, maybe he means just get together to hang out or have a drink, or maybe he really means try again.  He really hurt me, because I just didn't understand why we were separating. I've been pining this entire time and now that I'm where I wanted to be...I don't know where I want to be, or maybe I'm to afraid to face the fact that I don't think we should be together.  I love him deeply, but I don't think he's ready, and I run the risk of getting hurt all over again...but I think I'll take things very slow, and just have fun for a while...I want to be with "me" for a while and not become immersed in someone else who may not be as immersed in me.  I found this old CD of love songs I made soooo long ago, for my ex boyfriend from college, and it's filled with songs that he would have loved...I sit and think of him, how much I loved him, and still love him {but would NEVER be with him...it would be a disaster!!!} and how much of a musically enlightening experience it was when I was with him.

I have a lot of thinking and praying to do.


White Rabbit...

I read the book “Go Ask Alice” in one night…it was, it is inexplicable. It’s something you have to read, and there is no way to actually be ready for it…